How I Rush into Sin

Oh Lord, look at how I rush my feet to sin
And topple and choke on my evil deeds
Look at how I earnestly pray for success
Forget your help in times of abundance
But rush back when all is in a mess
Look at me now, down struck
With tears dripping from my eyes
Begging for forgiveness
Making unlimited promises
Of how I will not wander
Of how I will not wallow in sin
So that all will be well with me

Look at how I sin again and again
How I disregard you in the eyes of men
How I think my will is to be done
How I dethrone you and crown myself
But when the storm breaks
I dethrone myself and bow at your feet
Repeating the cycle
Of sinning and repenting
Like a tree swayed by the wind

Make me strong Oh Lord
And constantly reprove my actions
Search me and convict me
Rebuke me and sanctify me
Help me and strengthen me
Upholding me in your righteous right hand
And I will always sing your praises
I will always do all things
Because they please you not me



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