I cannot understand love
Maybe am not good in expressing it
Or am a monster who lures and devours

Many have walked away from me
Many have hurt and trampled on me
Many with their sharp talons
Grabbed my back and ripped my heart
Leaving this scar that doesn’t heal

Maybe am the foe who tricks and goes
Maybe am the troll who sniffs and spits
Because all I have for my love episodes
Are bitter-sweet memories that tear my eyes

Maybe am not destined for this
Maybe the perfect love and perfect someone
Exist in an imaginary land
Maybe the sweet fantasies and expectations
Are just fiery balls in disguise
Maybe… Love is not for me



2 thoughts on “Heartbroken”

  1. ken says:

    I just like it!! The message in it is very powerful sir

    1. silomasteve says:

      Thanks a lot. Keep tuned

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