Heal Me From My Sin

Sometimes God, everything seems plastic
As the guilt from my sin feels drastic
Am yoked to all that is evil
Am buried to all that digs like a weevil
And the devil implants into me the thought
That my sin is too big to be forgiven

I tend to think that you have a pondering period
Of when you contemplate whether to forgive me or not
I forget that you say your mercy endures forever
And I limit you to think like me
As regret kills me and sin chokes me
I think that am taking advantage of your grace
By putting you in a maze
So that you can find, heal and forgive me

You sent your son to become sin for me
So that me the blind can see
So that he can carry the burden of my ills
And help me realize your will
But the rebellious and unrepentant me
Strives to live by my ways
God, cut off the branches that rot in me
And give me the mindset of Christ
One that belittles you not



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