God is My Boss


I work for the Almighty
He requires no downpayment from me
I do not have a work schedule
Nor do I have to sign an attendance book every day
There are no papers to sign; contracts nor confidentialities
And my workplace is this beautiful world He created
He only requires one thing from me
To receive His son Jesus as my personal savior


He rewards me with love
How weird? Will I eat love? Will love pay my bills?
If conditional love makes one take a bullet for another
If conditional love makes one buy the world for another
If conditional love made most jump hurdles they never dreamt of
What about that from Him which is unconditional
What about love from the author of love?
What about love from He who owns everything?
I am however required to pay something
Not 16% VAT or the heavy PAYE
But a tenth of what I earn


Well, there are no inpatient and outpatient clauses to sign
Nor do I have limited outpatient cut for my pills
Do I really need medical pills in his job?
There are no people to convince me to buy insurance
Affirming that their firm is over 100 years old
I neither need affirmation from Him who is infinite
I don’t have to get my status reviewed for pre-existing condition
Nor have my family history investigated
The insurance is not cut off once am dead
But continues eternally
And what price do I have to pay?
So why did I work for man in the first place?
Why did I put faith in man that his job is all I got?



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