God, Am Scared

God, I rushed to Wikipedia
And read of the many strains of diseases
I watched the series, ‘A thousand ways to die.’
I researched on world’s disasters
The Tsunamis, the hurricanes, the tornadoes
I read world politics and their tricks
And was shrieked by the atmosphere of war
Syria still heats the headline news
With the horrifying sightings of Christian persecution
Where do I hide?

I never realized how vulnerable I was
Well, at first I thought I am invincible
I thought I can do it on my own
Be my own God, run my own life
Because every man has his fate
I now need you more than ever
I need to lean on you for peace and comfort
And to drive the scare away
Am just but a granule of sand
And weak like a reed
All you need to take is a gasp from me



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