Forgive Me God

Forgive me God for I have sinned
Knowingly and my spirit filled with guilt
Forgive the moments I was driven by flesh
And constantly pursued sexual immorality
Forgive the times with my haughty eyes
I envied my neighbor’s wealth
And lusted for the worldly

Forgive that I chose explicit over pure
Forgive that I chose pride over humility
Forgive that I chose anger over self-control
Forgive that I blamed my misfortunes on you
Forgive that I constantly imagined
That you would understand my fallen nature

Who am I without you?
What can I do with my feeble limbs?
Can I shun away disaster with my lips?
Can I proclaim good health and peace?
Can I live bravely without fear?
Knowing that in my power I can brace all?

You set me apart to evangelize
You endowed me with talents to serve
But the best I did was to stall them
And use some for selfish gain
Again, who am I without you?
What is my talent without your word?
My skill without your touch?
What are my weak flesh and bones?
Without your breath of life?



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