My Love, Let’s Be Real

My love
I will not run miles for you
Neither will I trudge rocky hills for you
I cannot promise the constant supply
Neither the harsh struggle and the sigh
Or to say the plain truth, no lie

I cannot vow to die for you
To take a bullet for you
Because I love myself too
I cannot jump in front of that train
And dedicate myself to the bitter pain
Or drain all of my energy as if insane

I cannot promise you the heaven, the bliss
And the paradise that you dream of
Neither the royal service of a queen

To love you that much I have to love myself
For me to jump in front of that train
The owner I should be
To ensure I fire people down incase am hurt

I cannot take that bullet
Because my envious brother will enjoy my asset, you!
We rather die together, by ensuring you go first and me last
I lie to God, how can I promise not to lie to you?
I have never given my mother the heaven you wish to have
Yet if not of her, you couldn’t know me

I can barely climb stairs to my apartment
How do you expect me to run miles for you?
Just as the last rocky hill I saw
My eyes at a stranded trip they were
I can’t lie, I cannot imagine trudging on them

I cannot give you all that they promise you
But I can give you the greatest gift of all
I will be REAL with you
No one will EVER love you like me
As I will ALWAYS tell you the truth

Just as…
In case you fart in my bed
Then with your beloved parents
We’ll negotiate my bride price repaymen