The Artist’s View

There’s what a farmer sees in a barren and untilled land
There’s the form that a sculptor sees in a trunk
Just as there’s thirst that thrives when a painter’s sights a canvas
All these, see something

But what defines the farmer is the ability to make the land fruitful
What defines the sculptor is his ability to create a masterpiece
Just as an incredible piece of art compliments the painter
All these, do something

But, the land may be barren and unproductive
The trunk may be ineffective and useless
And the brushes and paint may ruin the art
All of these, face misfortunes

The farmer tills even when the season favors not
The sculptor carves even when his works discourage him
And the painter creates masterpieces even when his tools are defective
They all, quit not

In you lies something
The glow that illuminates your soul
Though the hunter declared his intentions to the prey
There’s still enough chance for a catch
Though clouded by despair and lots of uncertainty
The artist braces them all
To create a masterpiece