A Jealous God

‘You shall not have any other gods’
You vividly engrave in our souls
But due to our fallen nature
We choose to worship the world
Our WhatsApp and Instagrams
Take precedence over your word
We skim through devotionals
Ignore the long boring scriptures
But read lengthy hilarious jokes

How fast do our feet rush to evil?
Ignoring the very truth in our journey?
How have our worldly possessions taken precedence?
Over you? The truth and the light?
How far have our haughty eyes taken us?

You say you are a jealous God
And slowly you strip all that comes before you
Then we realize how far we sank in sin
How far our possessions became our gods
Then we wail in agony
Asking you why, why the disaster
We will then remind you of how much we have given to the poor
But you will tell us, to hearken to your word
Is much better than sacrifice
We will remind you of how we have tried
To worship you, to preach to others
But you will remind us it is not about us
But you



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