Why Are You Not Happy?

Why am I happy?
Did someone make me?
Or is it a natural feeling?
Did it come from God?
As when it heats me, never gets cold?
How do I know I am happy?
When my eyes get drowsy and my hair curly?
When they crown me king?
And let me take the lead?
Or is it something that occurs at my own time?
Do I need someone to be happy?

The blessing of the Lord comes with no painful toil
Well, the core of the earth is hot hence the need of soil
Because has given us ALL things that pertain to life and godliness
Does happiness pertain to godliness?
Many at times in the past, people stole my joy
Yeah, they used me up like energy drinks and tossed me like a toy
Because they loved me when the condition was right for them
They needed my happiness meter to fill up theirs
And I took so much in and gave so much out
Sadly expecting their reciprocation
Only to be left out dry as a skull in the wastelands

As the mercy is new every morning
So is His joy
New, live and smells of His glory
One that tells you, you need not another’s
For mine is sufficient all the time
One that says, you are too blessed to be stressed
Or for any creature to mess
He reminds, ‘No angels nor demons,
No thing present or what is to come,
No height nor depth nor any other power,
Will ever deprive you of what happiness I endow you with.’
What then do I say in accordance to this statement?
Why am I not happy?
Why is my happiness dependent on creature and not Him?
If God is the source of my happiness, who can take it away?



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