Wealth The Christian Way

Lord, sometimes I see wealthy people
Adorned in pearls, gold and purple tunics
I see them fat, with fat wallets and fat cars
I see them walking in a rich gait
Upright, alighting beside their beautiful gates
Lord, I see them and they intimidate my poor self
And I ask myself, where is the God I serve?

But Lord, I do not know the sources of their wealth
And the worst I can do is to compare myself with them
The thread count in their sheets I do not know
And the marble in their tables I cannot comprehend
Therefore my finite self knows too little

Lord give me wealth the Christian way
In addition give me joy and satisfaction
So as to enjoy what you give me, however little
You say whatever you bless me with has got no painful toil
So do teach me patience
So that I do not break my egg before it hatches